Affordable Veterinary Care in Tauranga !

Phone: 07-5715003 

We have an enthusiastic team of dedicated farm and mixed veterinarians with fully-equipped vehicles that are able to make farm visits at relatively short notice for scheduled work, as well as having a quick response to emergency calls.

Farm/Large Animal Services

SmartVets Animal Hospital

511 Cameron Road, Tauranga, (Between 10th &11th Ave)

  • General medicine and surgery for cattle, sheep, goat, pigs, llamas, alpacas
  • Obstetrics: calving and lambing (including C-section)
  • Prescription and dispensing of vet medicines
  • Whole herd and individual vaccinations
  • Ultrasound pregnancy testing for cattle, deer, sheep, pigs and alpacas.
  • Manual pregnancy testing
  • Metrichecking, metricuring, disbudding
  • Reproductive advice and programs for all classes of livestock,
  • Mastitis management and consultancy advice for dairy herds
  • Diagnostic blood sampling and testing
  • Mineral trace element testing
  • Facial eczema spore counting and management advice